Augmented Reality

AR and VR will make you work smarter in ways we never thought possible a few decades ago. Whatever company, whichever industry, it’s going to be a big player soon, if it is not already. Our business developers will tell you how you can benefit from it, they will define and outline the purpose and objectives of the application, analyze critical parameters about user experience and the interface and developing a long-term strategy and plan.

AR Domains

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Construction
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Others (Manufacturing and Energy)

AR as a feature

  • As a navigation tool
  • Digitally place an item or object on a real location.
  • As a guide and tutorial by overlaying instructions on the real world
  • Displaying notes, photos, and videos related to the real world and providing information.
  • AR is not only limited to visual augmentation but has also an auditory experience that can be addressed.


  • All apps run on iOS and Android devices. Depending on the app or its function, the range of devices can be determent.

Virtual Reality

VR has lost its gimmick status. Brands and companies realize the power of the medium and its benefits. The immersion and the engagement of the user make it unique. VR can create experiences that transcend anything in any other form of today's medium. The release of new devices makes VR as a medium far more accessible than it has ever been. Today’s market is driven by perception and how a customer experiences a brand or product, is becoming synonymous with how they perceive it.

VR Domains

  • Training & education
  • Product demonstrations
  • Gamification
  • Gaming


  • At Cyborn we produce VR content compatible for most platforms (HTC Vive, Oculus, PSVR, ...)


Digital Humans

  • At Cyborn we take great pride in delivering high quality digital animated characters. These life-like characters can be used as digital doubles in your movie or game, but can also be your digital ambassador linked to a chatbot. We provide both facial and body animations and are also experienced in more cartoony characters.

Modeling & Merchandising

  • Starting from a concept to a final 3D model, our inhouse artists have a huge experience in various projects.

High-End 3D & CGI

  • Looking for a photo-realistic 3D composition or any other computer-generated imagery for cinema or television, Cyborn delivers.


Cyborn is proud to be the first and only Belgian motion-capture studio equipped with a Vicon Blade 2 motion capture system, a highly intelligent system used worldwide in high-end films. Combined with our experience we can offer time- and cost-efficient motion-capture animations. The result: high-quality mocap data and realistic animations. The Vicon Blade 2 system allows the recording of accurate, flawless mocap data in real-time. Producers, directors, and actors don’t need to worry about the technical aspect of the production line, but can simply focus on directing or acting.


Cyborn has developed over 25 apps for various projects in the last couple of years, from loyalty programs for big retailers like Carrefour, Lidl and E.Leclerc to VR applications in the medical sector, please contact us for our latest showreel.


As the biggest animation studio in Belgium, Cyborn does not only covers animation but everything between your first idea and the final product. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an app, a game, a commercial or a film. Together we will find the best solution for your specific needs.


  • Cyborn will sit together with your team to get as much input possible as needed.

The Idea

  • We present the idea or different ideas depending on the project.


  • We will start from a prototype and finetune it to a final result, depending on the project different milestones will be put in place.


  • Execution or delivery after testing and validation.

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