Motion Capture Studio

Cyborn has an in-house motion capture studio equiped with a state of the art Vicon system for body capturing and a Faceware system for facial capturing. Our 30 camera system covers a surface of approximate 60 sqm (expandable if needed). The props & set building can be handled inhouse or provided by the client, the same counts for actors & directors. We can deliver both raw as fully cleaned mocap data. We also deliver data cleaning as a separate service. We have over 10 years experience in professional motion capture , data cleaning and retargeting.

Unreal Engine Unity

Mocap Services


  • Pre-Production Consultation
  • Casting and Talent Sourcing
  • Prop and Set Building/Sourcing


  • Body and Facial Capture
  • Game Loops, Cut Scenes and Cinematics
  • Virtual Production & Live Previsualisation


  • Body Data Clean-up
  • Body Solving and Retarget
  • Motion Editing and Post Animation
  • Character and Camera Layout

3D Scanning

Cyborn has 3D scan systems from the award winning Artec3D for objects, faces and fullbody scanning.


If you are interested to work together with us on any projects sent us an email or reach out directly.

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