Digital Humans

At Cyborn we take great pride in delivering quality digital animated characters. These characters can be used as digital doubles in your movie or game. We provide high quality facial & body animations and are also experienced in creating various cartoony characters or monsters.


Cyborn has a world class motion and facial capture studio including the newest VR previsualization techniques where you can be live on set. Aside from this we provide the years of experience needed to get the best animated characters out of a motion captured performance.

VR Solutions

Cyborn creates world class VR-productions for a location based VR-play hall, a training, an interactive movie or a game. We take great proud in creating the best possible experience for our clients for their specific budget.


We are always looking for people.

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About Us

Cyborn consists of a team of professional filmmakers, artists, developers and engineers. We are passionate about filmmaking and everything that comes with digital entertainment.

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