Little plover chick Ploey has not learned to fly when his family migrates south. To see them again, he must survive winter and learn how to fly. Cyborn took care of the biggest part of the 3D production process, such as modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, vfx, rendering, compositing, ...

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Dragon Rider

Dragonrider is based on German author Cornelia Funke’s child book originally entitled Drachenreiter. Dragonrider is a film project that Constantin, Rise FX and Cyborn take part in. The animated feature film is currently in production.


Cyborn has a world class motion and facial capture studio including the newest VR previsualization techniques where you can be live on set. Aside from this we provide the years of experience needed to get the best animated characters out of a motion captured performance.


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About Us

Cyborn consists of a team of professional filmmakers, artists, developers and engineers. We are passionate about filmmaking and everything that comes with digital entertainment.

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