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Cyborn consists of a team of professional filmmakers, artists, developers, and engineers. We are passionate about filmmaking and everything that comes with digital entertainment.

About us

Cyborn is a film producer and 3D animation studio, established in 1998 by Ives Agemans and located in Antwerp, Belgium. We create 3D animated feature films, as well as interactive media, live entertainment, and individual consumer products. Our most recent accomplishment is the 2018 release of the feature film Ploey – You never fly alone, an animated movie co-produced together with Gunhil (Iceland).

Our work consists of own productions, co-productions, commercial work, work for hire, VR and Apps. Our studio is completely equipped with all the necessary state-of-the-art material, including a movie theater and a motion capture studio. To ensure Cyborn keeps up with all the latest changes in technology and workflow, we have a reliable and dynamic team of professionals. Having specialized team members allows us to constantly work in the most efficient way possible for each project. Our experienced team is specialized in all aspects of 3D-production with a unique knowledge of complex character modeling and animation.

We are currently focusing on productions such as

  • 3D animated films and series
  • Cinematic Game Teasers
  • CG & Visual Effects for live-action films
  • High-End 3D or CG for commercials
Cyborn workplace

Films & series

After finishing the 3D-production of our first feature film Ploey, we started working on the production of Dragon Rider, a feature-length 3D animated movie in co-production with Constantin Film (Germany). Working on in-house 3D film productions helps us build up a vast knowledge of artistic and technical knowhow for high-end 3D and CGI.

Our team consists of artists in character modeling, rigging, animation, motion capture recording, complex facial set-up, and animation. In addition to that, preproduction processes such as screenwriting or layout and postproduction processes also are part of Cyborns portfolio.

At Cyborn we specialize in 3D Animation, especially character animation. Whether it’s hand-animated, motion-captured or a combination of both, we create realistic and semi-realistic as well as ‘cartoony’-looking animations at affordable pricing. Our experienced team takes care of the complete production process of character animation; including design, modeling, rigging, full animation (body and facial) and clothing.

VR & AR apps

At Cyborn we create stunning VR experiences and mobile apps. We have experience in creating content for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, iOS, and Android devices, Google Cardboard and other mobile VR head mounts. Our team’s strength is in exploring the boundaries of today’s cutting edge technology, combined with expertise in game development and a knack for creative concept development. Check out our VR and AR apps page for some references!

Cyborn workplace

Innovation & technology

Cyborn is proud to be the first and only Belgian motion capture studio equipped with a Vicon Blade 2 motion capture system, a highly intelligent system used worldwide in high-end films. Combined with our experience we can offer time- and cost-efficient motion-capture animations.  The result: high-quality mocap data and realistic animations. The Vicon Blade 2 system allows the recording of highly accurate, flawless mocap data in real-time. Producers, directors, and actors thus don’t need to worry about the technical aspect of the production line, but can simply focus on directing or acting.

Thanks to the close relationship with the motion capture system developer and distributor, Cyborn keeps up with the latest knowledge and tools in the world of motion capturing. If you are interested in our motion capture services, take a look at our motion capture page or contact us directly.
With the support of the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), a government agency that finances strategic and industrial research, we developed a character facial animation pipeline that combines the best of existing software and hardware with in-house written code, to create high-end character animations. But good is never good enough! We keep investing a lot of time and effort in innovating our procedure and technique. At this moment, we are developing a new tool, the “VR-studio”. We are still optimizing the facial animation system and we constantly keep improving our pipeline.

Get in touch

As the biggest animation studio in Belgium, Cyborn does not only cover animations but everything in between your first idea and the final product. Don’t hesitate to contact us whether for an app, a game, a commercial or a film. Together we will find the best solution for your specific needs.